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I'm on! I'm on!!!

Forgive the movie trailer but sometimes I feel just like she does. - Bad carpel tunnel that.
I wrote this movie, Carver's Gate, A.K.A. DreamBreaker, with Douglas Bagot. Hard to believe that a sci-fi's plot of gaming addiction and the desire to be 'always on' has already turned into the norm of our society.

But it seems that most people are Always On. According to a new PEW study, 36 percent of people between the ages of 18 and 29 see themselves as "almost constantly" on the internet.
Of course you'd not need a study to grasp the fact that many people are always on if you looked at a highschool. It would seem to be that everyone is texting all the time. But what may be surprising is that the highest rate of useage is reported by University graduates. The higher the education the more internet use reported. In another study by the OCED,
the more a student is on the computer, the lower the Math and Reading scores..... Funny that.
When one thinks deeply about these facts the results are often more frightening than this movie. But you'd have to think about it. And it is easier just to escape the implications by remaining on the internet feed.