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Dreambreaker: to be or not to be digital?

I loved writing this movie! It was a long time ago, but, it is alive in memory.
The ideas were rich, reasonable and very futuristic at the time.

Okay the production was really cheezy, but it was a first time director and a quick production. It was produced by PNA. And they are a great group of people to work with. By hook or by crook they make movies and television and they love doing it.

The screenplay is actually kind of like a Hamlet wherein the hero deals with digital-ghost who are in The Machine. Their future world is a world where everyone is always, ON, physically hooked up to their computers, addicted to gaming and acting out fantasy lives in the virtual world. (can you imagine?) A dangerous change in technology demands society to decide between living in a physically constructed reality and working to repair the world in order to leave their dystopian protective environment, or, to choose to go further into The Machine, loose their physicality, to exist as digitally alive in the virtual world.

A few inhabitants do search for ways to get back to nature, a small group have already gone PURE (Puritan) and live without digital tech. (Something I see as forthcoming in our culture for reasons privacy, freedom of intelligence and experience.) However, despite the possible benefits of giving up the virtual world while still using digital technology to find a way back to a more natural environment. It is not a real choice. For this society, it simply is NOT an option. So, of course, the Monster is let loose on society and the Hero must act to save the world.

I still really like the script.