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Boy Meets Girl: Sean Astin

When Doug Bagot and I wrote Boy Meets Girl we really didn't have anyone in mind for the part of Mike. The casting went a number of ways and then it turned out to be Sean Astin. Sean is a very professional Actor. We discussed his views about the script. His insights into the character were spot on. He is blood-Hollywood. His mother is Patty Duke and his father John Astin. John Astin is not only known as the patriarch of the Adams' Family, but he starred in one of my favorite movies, Evil Roy Slade. I mention Evil Roy because it pre-dated and is vastly superior to, Blazing Saddles, but it did absolutely terribly at the box office. Contrary to our culture's belief in rating systems it seems the quality of a work is neither proportional to its fame, nor its financial success. I think that Boy Meets Girl was a very good screenplay with excellent on camera talent. After Boy Meets Girl, Sean went to the set of "Lord of the Rings."I think Sean did an excellent job and he definately had the comedic skills necessary for a better comedy, however, the director's choices took most of the comedy that was on the page away, replacing the boffo buddy comedy with puerile pathos. -What is a writer to do?- Still it is a charming film with great costume and art direction.