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Google Car and Climate Change

The self driving vehicle used to be known as taking the bus. Dream better dreams.

Technology can go anywhere and do anything, or so we wish to believe, because if this is true we don't have to take responsibility for our actions. I am not a big believer in carbon emissions being the reason for climate change, however, I'll go along with the need to cut down our consumption of fossil fuels. There are plenty of other reasons to limit our consumption of energy and to limit our consumption of goods. But PLEASE, if you get excited about self driving cars as the future of transportation, don't tell me about it. Because I think this is just a continuation of mass consumption. It is the use of technology to maintain the status quo of capitalistic consumption. Certainly it is a limitation to the imagination of how technology might be applied to future transportation. Ask yourself when you are putting a carbon tax on developing nations whether the individual self driving car does anything to save the planet? Do you see the function of technology as a device to create industry through self driving cars, or do you see technology as a means to develop new incredibly efficient public transit systems? If you get excited about the google car, stop, and instead start using your imagination to imagine a future where there is meaningful and real progressive change. Dump the consumer mentality that you are being fed. Dream better dreams.