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Cell phones lower grades and promote anxiety.

As the public and professionals struggle with the idea of banning cell phones in schools, it is important to recognize a few things.
The very presence of cell phones in schools lowers over-all grade scores and raises anxiety. And if our job is to educate and nuture students this fact alone should be enough reason to ban them.

Phones are a device for easy the consumption of media and do not promote any significant learning about how the internet works, or about coding, nor do they develop technological skills. They do NOT prepare students for their future roles in society.

Cell phones suck up TIME and prevent social interaction with the surrounding community. Time spent on cell phones takes time away from other pursuits. AND WE ARE TALKING ABOUT MANY, MANY HOURS A DAY, EVERYDAY!

Without a ban teachers and students can not effectively act to rid them. It is an all or nothing battle.

We learn from our environment. If we learn...Read more

  • Mar 20 2019

German Regulators Just Outlawed Facebook's Whole Ad Business

An article about Germany recognizing that Facebooks's business model is against the law!

In my school the other day, a guest lecturer on Internet safety, told a group of 12 and 13 year olds, to make sure they read the Eula before signing up to a site...
Read the User Agreement!!!? It has become an embarrassement to hear supposedly reasonable professionals espouse this "you are in charge of your internet" baloney. - particularly to a child who is too young to sign up to belong to a site! If children at school are to read the user agreement when they sign themselves up, then why aren't the adults reading the user agreements? Shouldn't the schools' administration read the user agreement before signing up all their students for a school life of data-surveillance? Particularly when the school seldom if...Read more

  • Mar 14 2019


So this article,
and others suggest that Google is still using surveillance to track and data-profile students under the age of 13.
Yet, though Google is being sued by many states in America, the schools using Google tools and Google search engines and Google docs and Google for Education seem not to be paying attention.

How does the school justify the signing up of students for Google products without parental authorization?

School authorities are more likley to shoot the messanger than to answer the questions. It is clear that the word is getting out, and that society and government in other jurisdictions are paying attention. Will it take legal action against schools to make school authorities recognize that...Read more

  • Sep 17 2018

10 Tech Rules For Schools

10 Rules that schools should consider when developing their educational technologies.
The magazine, "Education and Technolgoy" written by Timothy Lee is available for download at sidebar in .pdf format. It is a magazine for educators, parents and administrators promoting a democratic, safe, and sustainable technological infrastructure for schools.Read more


BOY MEETS GIRL is a feature film romantic comedy written by Timothy Lee, and Douglas Bagot,
You can watch it by clicking on this link:
The movie stars: Sean Astin (Lord of the Rings), Kevin Macdonald (Kids In The Hall) Joe Montagna (CSI) and Kate Nelligan (Prince of Tides).
The Reviews are available at IMBD and speak to the writing of the film. more

Student Work

My grade 9 and grade 7 media students are learning to make 3d photo-realistic animations using the physics engine in Blender. The video below was made by a grade 7 student.

Remember, there is no glass bowl, nor is there any cloth, nor is there a room. It is all modelled in the software environment.
Impressive? My hope is that through this process the student will gain an understanding of how media is created and how to create it. By practicing in the 3d digital environment I believe they will gain greater spatial awareness and mathematical understandings. Certainly at an advanced level this type of modelling and animation demands an understanding of code and mathimatical formula. There is so much that is crazy good about this. Not to mention that the physics engine allows them to virtually test different materials and designs for real world...Read more

The voice of reason is whispering.

Maybe there are caring and intelligent people in the world. The following is from

Another comprehensive insight came from Barry Chudakov, a Florida-based consultant and a research fellow in the McLuhan Program in Culture and Technology at the University of Toronto. He wrote that by 2020, “Technology will be so seamlessly integrated into our lives that it will effectively disappear. The line between self and technology is thin today; by then it will effectively vanish. We will think with, think into, and think through our smart tools but their presence and reach into our lives will be less visible. Youth will assume their minds and intentions are extended by technology, while tracking technologies will seek further incursions into behavioral monitoring and choice manipulation. Children...Read more