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So this article,
and others suggest that Google is still using surveillance to track and data-profile students under the age of 13. Yet, though Google is being sued by many states in America, the schools using Google tools and Google search engines and Google docs and Google for Education seem not to be paying attention.

How does the school justify the signing up of students for Google products without parental authorization?

School authorities seem to shy away from answering questions about technology and surveillance in their classrooms. In Canada it is bad form to sue schools but as awareness of how student data is collected and stored grows, questions will certainly become more difficult to ignore.
It is clear that the word is getting out, and that society and government in other jurisdictions are paying attention.
The list of complaints against Google continues to grow in America, and it is likely that the law suits against schools that ignore student and parent rights to sign up underage students will also grow.

"Balderas isn't the only state law enforcement official taking aim at Google. Arizona Attorney General is investigating the company over its location-tracking practices, Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley is probing whether Google violated state antitrust and consumer protection laws, and Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood is suing the company over allegations that it collects data from students who use its education apps."

Some small questions that one might consider asking their school authority is whether their child's behavior on their school sanctioned technologies is being monitored and by whom it is being monitored? What data is collected and by whom? Where are the school's confidential data, medical records, and IPP's stored? And for parents who aren't sure what is going on at their school, they might ask, "Where did I give permission for my child to be signed up?" School authorities should be able to answer all your concerns quickly and accurately.

  • Sep 17 2018