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German Regulators Just Outlawed Facebook's Whole Ad Business

An article about Germany recognizing that Facebooks's business model is against the law!

In my school the other day, a guest lecturer on Internet safety, told a group of 12 and 13 year olds, to make sure they read the Eula before signing up to a site...
Read the User Agreement!!!? It has become an embarrassement to hear supposedly reasonable professionals espouse this "you are in charge of your internet" baloney. - particularly to a child who is too young to sign up to belong to a site! If children at school are to read the user agreement when they sign themselves up, then why aren't the adults reading the user agreements? Shouldn't the schools' administration read the user agreement before signing up all their students for a school life of data-surveillance? Particularly when the school seldom if ever notifies the parents of the privacy-risks involved. It all seems a bit unreasonable. But then again, schools aren't apparently concerned about any sort of leadership in this matter. It will be interesting to find out what type of future employment a student will be hired for, when their (previously private) educational data that has so cavalierly being shared with Google and others, becomes the legal property of a large HR firm. Graduating students won't need to write a resume as their future employability will be decided on the other side of the computer screen, based on the information that schools have provided in trade for "free" tech. Some students will be filtered into success, others will be filtered into failure. The individual student won't even know which pile they've been assigned. Their school supplied documentation complete with all personal emails, notes, IPPs, absenses, health issues and test scores, family issues, and ethnicity - All of their school life - will be filtered by an HR AI for patterns in their behavior and patterns for their behavior modification. But, according to the experts it all won't be a problem if 12 and 13 year olds read the User Agreement..... thank goodness Germany remains actually concerned about the privacy rights of their people.

  • Mar 14 2019