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Cell phones lower grades and promote anxiety.

As the public and professionals struggle with the idea of banning cell phones in schools, it is important to recognize a few things.
The very presence of cell phones in schools lowers over-all grade scores and raises anxiety. And if our job is to educate and nuture students this fact alone should be enough reason to ban them.

Phones are a device for easy the consumption of media and do not promote any significant learning about how the internet works, or about coding, nor do they develop technological skills. They do NOT prepare students for their future roles in society.

Cell phones suck up TIME and prevent social interaction with the surrounding community. Time spent on cell phones takes time away from other pursuits. AND WE ARE TALKING ABOUT MANY, MANY HOURS A DAY, EVERYDAY!

Without a ban teachers and students can not effectively act to rid them. It is an all or nothing battle.

We learn from our environment. If we learn that cell phones (and their destractions) are reasonable in school we accept them in other areas of our lives as also reasonable.

Cell phones are surveillance machines and data farmers, they breach the privacy and sanctity of the classroom.

  • Mar 20 2019