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One does grow weary of the hyperbole

"Indeed, once you begin contrasting 1968 with 2008, you might even find yourself thinking that, on balance, the Web is not an engine for social activism but an engine for social passivity. You might even suggest that the Web funnels our urges for “participation” and “sharing” into politically and commercially acceptable channels – that it turns us into play-actors, make-believe elves in make-believe clans."
Nic Carr

For professional development teachers are often required to go to Symposiums about technology and education.
Looking to learn further I looked at the Symposium website when I was struck at how it highlighted the relationship between our educational system and corporate commercial enterprise. I couldn't help but wonder why all that we teachers were going to discuss at this symposium is what we're being sold by Apple and Google? There seems nothing about teaching our students (and ourselves) the new literacy of reading and writing "code? Nothing about taking control of the Web. For all the talk of enlightenment, creativity and collaboration and other buzz words there seems no insight into creating anything meaningful. Our schools are consuming the technologies they are being fed, always dissatisfied enough to buy something new, something that promises the shiny button of savior over the dullness of effort-ful existence. Teaching our children dissatisfaction with time and energy, making them pawns to an oligarchy that tracks their every move.